The team game table (4)

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The team game table (4)

Post by charmac on Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:54 pm

Team B (OAP Busters) slipped up this round and let the A team gain some valuable ground (it was always gonna happen, inevitable really) Rolling Eyes and the lead is now down to just 7 points, here's how the scoring went.

Captian for Team B (OAP Busters) this round Barnes10 scored 4 points, western red added 1 more but that was it as Dallas failed to score. there total score was 5 points

Captian for the A team this round CHARMAC scored 6 points with moejoe54 pitching in with 3 and misslfc adding another 1 point bringing their total to 10 points

Correct answers

1. How many score draws will there be on Tuesday only? : 2
2. Name any team to score 3 or more goals on Tuesday only? : Dortmund, AC Milan
3. Will any player score a hat trick on Tues/Weds Yes/No? : Yes
4. How many goals will be scored in this game Juventus v FC Copenhagen? : 4
5. Name any player to score for a British club Tues/Wed? : Valencia,Spahic (og),Evans,Smalling,Nani,
Agüero,Nasri,Negredo,Dzeko, Wilshere,
Bonus * question : How many goals will the two Mancs teams score combined? : 9

Team A
misslfc = 1 points
Charmac (Cap) = 6 points
moejoe54 = 3 points
(points this round 10)
total points 4+6+3+10=(23/*)

Team OAP Busters
western red = 1 points
Barnes (Cap)= 4 points
Dallas = 0 points
(points this round 5)
total points 6 +14+5+5=(30/*)
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