The Results game table (50)

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The Results game table (50)

Post by charmac on Fri May 16, 2014 4:24 pm

Charmac takes the crown and is now the the results game champion,  Very Happy  Cool  king 
Barnes10 tried he best but could come no where near, but God loves a trier  Rolling Eyes 
Dallas had a bad start but finished well and wasn't far off 2nd  bounce 
moejoe54 if only he hadn't taken his holidays at the start of the season  tongue 
MissLFC should have finished second really but missed a good few rounds with her alcohol problems  drunken 
western red was up there in the early stages but faded when the pressure was on  scratch 

Correct answers

1. Cardiff v Chelsea? : away 1-2
2. Fulham v Crystal Palace? : draw 2-2
3. Hull v Everton? : away 0-2
4. Liverpool v Newcastle? : home 2-1
5. Man City v West Ham? : home 2-0
6. Norwich v Arsenal? : away 0-2
7. Southampton v Man Utd? :draw 1-1
8. Sunderland v Swansea? : away 1-3
9. Tottenham v Aston Villa? : home 3-0
10. West Brom v Stoke? : away 1-2
Bonus * question : Will any player score a hat trick on Sunday Yes/No? : No

1 CHARMAC..................251 + 4 = 255 /***/***/***/***/**
2 Barnes10..................218 + 6 = 224 /***/***/***/***/***/
3 Dallas......................210 +  = 216 /***/***/***/***/*
4 moejoe54.................199 + 7 = 206 /***/***/***/***/***/**
5 MissLFC...................203 + 0 = 203 /***/***/***/***/**
6 western red..............190 + 5 = 197 /***/***/***/**

The Results game champion 2014 *****CHARMAC*****

runner up : Barnes10
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On The Bench

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Re: The Results game table (50)

Post by Barnes 10 on Fri May 16, 2014 10:24 pm

A vailiant effort at holding onto my crown, I'll have to settle for European glory!!!

Congrats Charmac and thanks for running it.

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Barnes 10

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Re: The Results game table (50)

Post by moejoe54 on Sat May 17, 2014 2:37 pm

I'll be away again in Sept for 3 weeks so i think we should have a wee break during this
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Re: The Results game table (50)

Post by Dallas on Sun May 18, 2014 4:23 am

Sometimes European glory comes at a price. But considering the poor start ive a lot to be positive for and disappointed not too be a small bit closer but with countless bad "refereeing" decisions against me, I am optimistic for next season on regaining my crown. Either way, silverware for two seasons outa three isnt bad while a lot haven't tasted glory

On a side note, well done charlie and all involved

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Re: The Results game table (50)

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